Orange Ninjas

The Orange Ninjas project was a long running campaign I worked on at Kettle. Working for a plethora of agencies covering various different media, it involved creating everything from large posters to short animations [1] [2] [3], an expansive database of 3d models, and even a papercraft rocket car.

Modelling was done in Softimage, but since all assets had to be delivered to client as Maya files there was a bit of retraining to a new package for all further stages. Credit goes to The Setup Machine for saving my butt when it came to rigging all the ninjas – I’m a pretty good rigger in Softimage but I wasn’t quite up for trying the same in Maya with under a week’s experience. The upside – after a few weeks of swearing profusely at my screen, I learned to be pretty comfortable switching between the two packages on the fly.

Throughout the campaign I worked on pretty much all aspects of production. I handled the rendering in most of the projects, lit several scenes, modelled dozens of assets, and did the odd bit of posing and animating of characters. There was rigging too, but there's only so much credit one can take for using an autorigger, ha.

Software used on this project - Softimage, Maya, Mental Ray, After Effects, Photoshop